Saving energy in the kitchen

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Saving energy in the kitchen

We do a lot of cooking so we are always looking at ways we can be more efficient. It can cost quite a lot to cook food from scratch if you don't have an energy-efficient kitchen so we have been upgrading our appliances and looking at the different techniques we can use to minimise our energy usage. It's good for the environment and it's good for the household budget when we can reduce energy usage. This blog has some tips on energy-efficient living and should be useful for those enthusiastic about doing their part to help our world stay healthy.



3 Diseases That Could Destroy Your Citrus Trees, and What You Can Do About Them

One of the most common types of tree that you can find all across the gardens of Australia is the citrus tree. Because orange trees, lemon trees, and grapefruit trees thrive in a warm climate, there is every chance that your garden could produce delicious fruits in the summer months that also add colour and beauty to your outdoor space. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of citrus trees is that they can become easily diseased. Read More 

3 Signs That Show You Need a Bore on Your Property

 A bore is a vital water resource to have. With the current technology available, a drilling company can take just a few days to drill and install a complete bore in your property. Once done, you can enjoy total control over your bore water supply. So how do you tell if you need a bore in your property or not? Read on to find out. Mains water is too expensive Read More 

Better Indoor Air Quality For The Modern Homeowner

The concept of environmental awareness features prominently in all spheres of life in the modern society. Commercial entities in their numbers are adopting better ways of doing business with minimal negative impact to the environment. Homeowners can have a positive contribution to this concept by reducing air pollution around the home. By extension, this improves the quality of indoor air around the home for the benefit of friends and family.  Here are a few tips for improved indoor air quality. Read More