Saving energy in the kitchen

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Saving energy in the kitchen

We do a lot of cooking so we are always looking at ways we can be more efficient. It can cost quite a lot to cook food from scratch if you don't have an energy-efficient kitchen so we have been upgrading our appliances and looking at the different techniques we can use to minimise our energy usage. It's good for the environment and it's good for the household budget when we can reduce energy usage. This blog has some tips on energy-efficient living and should be useful for those enthusiastic about doing their part to help our world stay healthy.



Is it Time to Replace AC Filters? Tips to Know Which Kind Is Most Ideal

Dirty air filters reduce the air quality of your home. They also cause your AC system to not work properly due to increased air resistance which puts strain on the fan motor eventually leading to system failure. Also, this increased air resistance drives up your fuel consumption. It is because of these reasons that it is important to regularly replace your air filter. Here is what you need to know about ac filter when choosing one. Read More 

Clean Your Grease Trap With 7 Simple Steps

Cleaning your grease trap can be a daunting task. Grease traps are usually filled with masses of oily water and heavy fats, with a smell to match. However, it isn't a complex task, and should be relatively easy if you follow the next 7 steps. Some Things You May Want To Have Some gloves, a facial mask and some clothing you don't mind getting dirty A putty knife, a large scoop, a pry bar and a screw driver if necessary A container as large as your grease trap, maybe with a bin bag inside if you don't want to get it dirty Some kitty litter, if you'd like to partially mask the smell and absorb the liquids Lid Removal Read More 

3 Things That Will Enhance The Safety Of Your Building

If you own a business, one of the most important things to consider is the safety of your building. You can keep employees and customers safe effectively when you utilise the items below. Firefighting Equipment One of the worst things to experience in a building is a fire. To deal with these scenarios, it's imperative to have the right firefighting equipment on hand, so no one gets hurt. Class A fire extinguishers are ideal to keep in your building. Read More