Saving energy in the kitchen

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Saving energy in the kitchen

We do a lot of cooking so we are always looking at ways we can be more efficient. It can cost quite a lot to cook food from scratch if you don't have an energy-efficient kitchen so we have been upgrading our appliances and looking at the different techniques we can use to minimise our energy usage. It's good for the environment and it's good for the household budget when we can reduce energy usage. This blog has some tips on energy-efficient living and should be useful for those enthusiastic about doing their part to help our world stay healthy.



Renting a Skip Bin When You Live in an Apartment Building: What You Need to Know

Renting a skip bin is generally a straightforward process. The bin is placed on your property, you fill it up, and it's taken away. Couldn't be easier. There can be complications when you don't have an appropriate place to store the skip bin during the rental period. So how can you rent a skip bin when you live in an apartment building? There are a few ways to go about it. Read More 

Factors That Determine How Often Your Septic Tank Should Be Pumped

It may not always be advisable to pump your septic tank according to a given pumping schedule. This is because several factors may alter the frequency at which that septic tank should be pumped and cleaned. This article discusses some of those key factors that can influence the frequency of pumping the septic tank in your home. The Scum and Sludge Layers Scum refers to the solids that are suspended at the top of the liquid in the septic tank. Read More 

Considerations When Purchasing a Heat Pump for Your Home

When looking for a heating solution for your home, one of the popular options you will come across is a heat pump. However, purchasing a heat pump for your home does not simply constitute buying the cheapest one that you come across. To source for the best heat pump for your needs, there are a number of considerations that you may want to keep in mind. Consider the Energy Rating of the Various Heat Pumps Available Read More 

Household Solar Power: Separating Fact and Fiction

For many years, the concept of solar power was just that, a concept. During those years, a large number of solar myths evolved, and they're still in circulation today. Solar hot water systems are now a viable and practical solution, and Australia has over 1.5 million installed solar roof-top systems. Separate fact from fiction with this list. Popular Solar Myths Myth: Solar panels won't work efficiently in cloudy or cold weather. Read More 

Important Questions You Might Have About Asbestos Collection and Disposal

The word "asbestos" can be frightening to many homeowners and business owners as the material is very dangerous when inhaled. If you're a homeowner or own a commercial property and are concerned about asbestos collection and disposal, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with an asbestos removal contractor if you still need more information.   1. If asbestos wasn't used for insulation, why be concerned about its collection? Read More