Saving energy in the kitchen

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Saving energy in the kitchen

We do a lot of cooking so we are always looking at ways we can be more efficient. It can cost quite a lot to cook food from scratch if you don't have an energy-efficient kitchen so we have been upgrading our appliances and looking at the different techniques we can use to minimise our energy usage. It's good for the environment and it's good for the household budget when we can reduce energy usage. This blog has some tips on energy-efficient living and should be useful for those enthusiastic about doing their part to help our world stay healthy.



Importance of Nozzle Selection to the Efficient Function of Cooling Towers

If you have a cooling tower, one of the most important factors affecting its performance is the thermal fill material. The fill material is the medium which the cooling tower itself is built around to facilitate heat transfer. Other than the fill, there are nozzles which function in delivering hot water/liquid to the fill for cooling, and so these are just as important to the entire tower's performance. This article describes exactly how this occurs, and what you can do to optimize their function. Read More 

What are some different times you should rent a dumpster?

Roll-off dumpsters, sometimes called skip bins, are often needed when you have items to dispose of, but they won't fit in your regular garbage can. However, it can sometimes be difficult knowing when it is really time to get one or when you can do without it. Here are some different times when renting a dumpster is a good idea. When You Are Remodeling Your Home A major reason to rent a dumpster is when you are remodeling your home. Read More